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Analytics Operation

Above and beyond these data visualisation platforms and reporting tools, our experienced Data Operations experts have worked with our Analytics Specialists to create a Cloud-Based Analytics Application solution, to embed automated decision making into your business. We offer existing products tailored to your needs or alternatively can deploy our experience, capabilities, and parts library to create new ones. Our IP/parts library contains analytics, technology building blocks and the platform to put your data to work. We assemble these parts quickly to bring your new solutions to life, reducing both cost and time to positive ROI.

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Data Visualisation Platform & Reporting Tools

Our clients have a wealth of accessible data from their data layers, however, the challenge is then creating meaningful insights to implement tactically within the business. Using a data visualisation dashboard and automated data visualisation tools enables our clients to react to events quickly and more effectively throughout all their business functions.

Automated Analytics

Data holds a wealth of information about your business, but communicating it successfully is often the missing part of a businesses’ data strategy. At Beyond Analysis we take your biggest assets, your people and your data and add our data science skills, experience and technology to turn it into value that you can use to transform your business.


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Sigma Analytics uniqueness lays in its staff’s commitment to deliver the most innovative analytic solutions of the industry, while providing efficient and direct support to our customers.